Thing 23

I am glad that I took this class. It definately took more than 18 hours. There was a lot of interesting things, but there was too much to take it all in.

I do worry that as we have easier access to everything so do the perverts have easier access to our children. Technorati for instance could let perverts know if there was a book club blog discussing a book primarily read by young girls. As students use teachers things like rollyo and our names are on it or our school name is on it, and students use these than a search could tell perverts who used those searches and find those students by already knowing where they live. Instead of finding one innocent student, now perverts have whole groups of them.

As parents, and educators it is our duty to stay ontop of emerging technology so we can be aware of all the possibilities of good and evil. Darth commenters might destroy blog groups if allowed, but perverts destroy lives. I've experienced this with one daughter. Thankfully she only got pregnant and she is still alive. Now my ex is not protecting another daughter who is talking to a guy online. My ex says he talked on the phone to the guy and by the voice he can tell the guy is 17. Obviously he is blind or hasn't called the house where teenagers live and confused the teenager with the parent as I have many times over. But as my daughter lives with my ex I have no control and must watch as....well you get the picture. Always stay up with technology, and never forget the other side of it.

Thing 22

I think I'm in overload. Restricting membership for nings verse restricting posted comments in blogs. Other than that I really don't understand the difference. It seems a ning can be used the same way a blog is, except that comments are visible on the page without another click. There isn't a single owner per see. I guess that's another difference.

Thing 21

There were a couple of steps of down loads that weren't mentioned, but I did it. I didn't make a photostory as I didn't have suitable photos for the poem, but maybe in the future I can add pictures. It is a little weird hearing my voice on the internet. This feature is pretty limitless in its possibilities.

Thing 20

You Tube video embedded at bottom of page. It takes a long time to find videos you like. It might be nice to use in the classroom, but it might take less time to make videos yourself than to search. I searched math videos on the teachertube and got pages of them. I narrow the search to fractions. Didn't find anything interesting. I searched for proportions. There were science videos there mixed in. The videos that showed problems being worked were boring. I like the futures channel. Many of their videos are interesting and informative. They show people in real jobs using math the students are studying. I didn't try embedding them though.

Thing 19

I tried twitter. The easiest way to describe it is like a chat room where you can talk without everyone being online at the same time. The basic question is "What are you doing?" The answers are limited to 140 characters or less. With chat my ex helped my daughters do homework from other countries, but they didn't always know when he'd be online. With twitter he could post a time for a live chat. You could set one up to see how students are progressing on a multiweek project. They could post what parts they finished. Twitter will text your phone automatically with messages, so you can read on the go. It'll also send you a reminder if you haven't posted in 24 hrs. I have unlimited text messages and didn't know how I would use them. I can respond to my friends by sending a text to twitter.

Thing 18

Google Docs looked really familiar and was easy to use. However it did not have many of the features that I'm used to in Microsoft word. It did not seem to have and automatic page number. Its header and footer sections weren't connected. Page break was simply that, no option for odd page or section break. The fonts were very limited. At least at first glance it seems like this. I'm a writer and I write a lot. I'm familiar with many features of Microsoft word. If I had all the options I'm used too, this would allow me to add and edit my books from any computer. It seems secure, so my copy rights seem protected, but I'm not sure uploading my books that I've written to the internet is a step I'm ready for. I'll just carry a thumb disk.

Thing 17

I guess I'm pushing finishing down to the wire.

I like rollyo. It's very discouraging to search google and come up with 1000 or so places listed on ten or more pages. A lot of times teachers send a list of sites to use, so this will be a one stop shop for a school search for my children.

I'm a craft person and like to knit and crochet. Christmas will be here before I know it. I created a search for crafts. I used the search by typing in scarves and got a list of scarves; some patterns were even free and downloadable. Of course ads lined the side, but they were all relevant like crochet magazines. When I found scarves I also found bloggers talking about the pattern-how easy to make, how people raved, etc.

Goodbye google, hello rollyo. Well not totally we still need google to get all those address (url's).

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